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Pelleting of dry & fine-grained material

Pellet mill LP22



The ECOKRAFT LP22 pellet mill is specially designed for dry and fine-grained biomasses with a maximum size of 6 mm. With its modern and highly efficient design, it offers a 22 kW electric motor, a user-friendly touch display, an integrated lubrication and water pump, and an innovative plug & play system. This allows further ECOKRAFT machines to be connected at any time and operated as a complete system.

The ECOKRAFT LP22 sets a new standard for compact pelleting combined with state-of-the-art control technology. A powerful plug & play 22 kW motor, a completely redesigned pan grinder system and a technically simple plug & play system for the integration of additional ECOKRAFT machines characterize this groundbreaking pellet mill. A quick changeover of the pellet diameter or the biomass used is possible without any problems.


  • Central control of the entire pelleting line

  • Material homogenization and metal separation using magnets

  • Conical roller set for more throughput and less wear

  • Material change possible in just 5 to 10 minutes

  • Low power consumption (connection and consumption)

  • GSM error message and remote maintenance

  • easiest operation and maintenance

  • modular expandable

  • mobil


The display is the control center for the entire pelleting line

  • Overview of the complete pelleting line

  • Customization of all modules

  • Fine dosing of water addition

  • Determination of the lubrication intervals (central lubrication)

  • Shutdown of all modules in case of failure

  • Malfunction and error diagnosis with message on mobile phone with GSM possible

  • Remote maintenance module

Material bunker

  • Material homogenization of the material density

  • Magnetic separator for removing metallic foreign objects

Tapered yoke set 4.0

  • Optimum material distribution on the die

  • More gentle processing of the material

  • More throughput with the same energy consumption (compared to normal mule set)

  • Cold pelleting (pressing) at below 50 degrees for sensitive materials (e.g. hops)    possible

  • For smoother running

  • Less wear and tear

  • Automatic emptying function of the pressing chamber at production change or end.

Flat die

  • With individual chambers for pre-compression

  • 3 mm to 16 mm pellet diameter possible

  • Quick and easy replacement when changing materials in 15 minutes

Additional advantages


  • Individually adjustable pellet length from 0.5 to 5 cm


  • Supply of 4 lubrication points via interval control


  • Up to 2 spare matrices can be stored directly in the LP 22


  • Up to 3 additional modules (material bunker, conveyor belt and screening system) can be connected to the pellet press and controlled centrally.


  • Can be expanded from a single pellet press to a fully automated pelleting line.


  • All modules can be transported very easily and quickly.


Note: Product image similar; changes possible at any time. Acceptance by ECOKRAFT AG applies

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