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  • Proprietary blends for optimal yield

  • Utilization of own resources

  • 100% control over the ingredients (organic)

  • Long-term fertilization possible - nutrients are slowly released into the soil

  • No segregation of the fertilizer

  • Production of very small quantities is economically viable

  • Easy to manufacture and save storage space (volume 3:1)

  • Easy transport (quick and easy relocation, thanks to the blowing and suction system)

  • Protection against dirt/dust

  • Protection from vermin

  • Protection against mold growth

  • Easy dosing

  • Easy resale in small units



  • Sheep wool

  • Fermentation substrates

  • Chicken manure

  • Alpaca dung

  • Horse manure

  • Pig manure

  • Cattle manure

  • Digestate from the biogas plant

  • Mushroom compost

  • etc.

ECOKRAFT - Hühnermist zu Düngepellets
ECOKRAFT - Schafwolle zu Premium Bio-Düngepellets
ECOKRAFT - Pflanzenreste zu Düngepellets
ECOKRAFT - Alpakamist zu hochwertigen Düngepellets
ECOKRAFT - Pferdemist zu Düngepellets
ECOKRAFT - Schafwolle zu Düngepellets
ECOKRAFT - Referenzkunde PRESSGOLD | Hühnermist zu Premium Bio-Düngepellets
ECOKRAFT - Kristallisierter Schwefel-/Stickstoff Dünger zu Düngepellets
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