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  • Use the optimum suction power of the pellets

  • 100% control over the ingredients (organic)

  • Much less dust pollution during loading/unloading

  • Fewer replacement intervals

  • Production of very small quantities is economically viable

  • Easy to manufacture and save storage space (volume 4:1)

  • Easy transport (quick and easy relocation, thanks to the blowing and suction system)

  • Protection against dirt/dust

  • Protection from vermin

  • Protection against mold growth

  • Easy dosing

  • Easy resale in small units

  • Further processing to fertilizer possible



  • Sawdust (sawmill)

  • Straw (horse husbandry)

  • Husks (for keeping various animal species)

  • Hemp

  • Fermentation substrates

ECOKRAFT - Spelze zu Einstreu-Pellets
ECOKRAFT - Stroh zu Einstreupellets
ECOKRAFT - Dinkelspelze zu Pellets als Einstreu für Pferdebox
ECOKRAFT - Haferschälkleie zu Energie- und Einstreupellets
ECOKRAFT - Hanfschäben zu Einstreu- und Energiepellets
ECOKRAFT - Gärreste zu Einstreu- oder Energiepellets
ECOKRAFT - Haferspelze zu Energie- oder Einstreupellets
ECOKRAFT - Referenzkunde Landi Moossee | Spelze zu Tier-Einstreu Pellets
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