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We test your material for pelleting capability,
productivity, quality and efficiency

Before purchasing a pelleting system, we recommend a trial pelleting in our test center

During the material test, the pelleting capacity, the throughput of the desired model and the appropriate die are determined. In order to be able to carry out a suitable test, a provision of approx. 100 kg of the desired material is required. When choosing the material, please ensure that the material to be pelletized has a moisture content of less than 15%.


  • Is your material pelletizable?

  • How many kg/h can can be produced?

  • What is the quality?

  • For which pellet size is your material suitable?


  • What is the energy consumption?

  • Is the investment worth it?

We answer these questions with an individual test pelleting of your material and the corresponding profitability analysis.
In addition, we can offer y
ou a calorific value or content analyses.

Call us at +49 993189425-65, write us an email to:  or simply fill out the inquiry form.

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