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  • Own recipes/mixtures

  • 100% control over the ingredients (organic)

  • No segregation of the feed

  • Production of small quantities can already be economically profitable

  • Easy to manufacture and save storage space (volume 3:1)

  • Easy transport (quick and easy relocation, thanks to the blowing and suction system)

  • Protection against dirt/dust

  • Protection from vermin

  • Protection against mold growth

  • Easy dosing

  • Easy resale in small units

  • Use waste materials sensibly with new products (horse treats...)

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  • Carrot leftovers, fruit leftovers (juice presses)

  • Sugar beet peels (sugar producers)

  • Hay (farmers, horse farmers)

  • Alfalfa

  • Herbal blends

ECOKRAFT - Knoblauchpulver zu Tierfutter-Pellets
ECOKRAFT - Biowiesenheu zu Leckerli-Pellets für Pferde
ECOKRAFT - Apfelkernhäuser zu Tierfutterpellets
ECOKRAFT - Heu-Kräuter-Mischung zu Tierfutter-Pellets
ECOKRAFT - Luzerne zu Tierfutter-Pellets
ECOKRAFT - Insekten Proteinpulver zu Futterpellets
ECOKRAFT - Biowiesenheu zu Tierfutter-Pellets
ECOKRAFT - Kräuterreste zu Futterpellets
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