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  • Valuable, high-energy raw material can be used for mechanical firing

  • Revenue for waste products

  • Self-sufficiency

  • Dust explosion protection for combustible materials

  • Production of very small quantities is economically viable

  • Easy to manufacture and save storage space (volume 4:1)

  • Easy transport (quick and easy relocation, thanks to the blowing and suction system)

  • Protection against dirt/dust

  • Protection from vermin

  • Protection against mold growth

  • Easy dosing

  • Easy resale in small and large units



  • Sawdust (sawmill)

  • Pellet breakage or dust (pellet factories; pellet transport companies)

  • Wood chips (forester, sawmill)

  • Board cuttings (carpentry; workshops for the disabled)

  • Bakery waste (Bakery; 25% overproduction per day)

  • Nutshells (manufacturer; recycler)

  • Wood and energy crops

  • Fruit pits and fruit residues

  • Coffee husk residue

ECOKRAFT - Walnussschalen zu Energiepellets
ECOKRAFT - Laub zu Energiepellets
ECOKRAFT - Heu und Kaffeereste zu Energiepellets
ECOKRAFT - Holzreste zu Energiepellets
ECOKRAFT - Gewürzpulverreste zu Energiepellets
ECOKRAFT - Grasschnitt & Halmgüter zu Energiepellets
ECOKRAFT - Hackschnitzel zu Energiepellets
ECOKRAFT - Miscanthus zu Energiepellets
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