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Fast & mobile extraction of many types of dust

Dedusting MPE



A clean, dust-free working environment and fresh air are of great importance to protect machines, maintain the health of employees and create the conditions for efficient and quality-oriented work.

The MPE1000 extraction unit is a versatile and mobile device that can be used on machines and, due to its compact design, also in production areas that are difficult to access or narrow. It is particularly suitable for the extraction of dusts at changing workplaces. The telescopic arm allows optimal positioning (outreach up to 3m). In addition, the device has cleanable permanent filter cartridges of dust class M.

The MPE1000 is characterized by its cleanable permanent filter cartridges, which ensure low operating costs. In addition, it is mobile and has a high extraction capacity. Thanks to the large dust collection container and the tiltable filter housing, emptying the collection container is particularly easy and low in dust. Another advantage of the MPE1000 is its versatility in extracting different types of dust.


  • Low operating costs

  • Mobile use

  • Efficient extraction performance

  • Easy dust disposal

  • Suitable for many types of dust

  • Simple operation


Note: Not suitable for explosive dust, gas and air mixtures


Note: Product image similar; changes possible at any time. Acceptance by ECOKRAFT AG applies

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