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Reference customer Taunus Pellets | Different materials to high-quality premium pellets

Heating - Feeding - Fertilizing! This is the slogan of the company Taunus Pellets from Gemmerich.

The history of Taunus Pellets already began in 2005 with a firewood trade. Since then, many things have changed. The idea of sustainability has always been at the top of the list.

The original idea of converting various materials into high-quality pellets came from the sawdust produced during the firewood trade. At that time, Pierre von der Heidt was looking for a sensible utilization for this valuable waste material and thus came across Ecokraft's pelletizing plant.

One of the greatest advantages for Taunus Pellets is the versatility of the flexible and modular pelletizing plant, which covers the entire range, from shredding to bagging. This is because it is not only possible to pelletize wood, but also other materials such as straw, hay, miscanthus, sheep's wool, and many more.

This opened up further, new income opportunities for Taunus Pellets. The company gradually expanded its range of products and, in addition to energy pellets, now also produces bedding for large and small animals from wood, miscanthus and straw, as well as hay cobs and treats for horses and rabbits, for example. Many different products, all of which can be produced with just one pelleting line. Above all, shepherds from the region are happy that they can now profitably pelletize their wool at Taunus Pellets and sell it as fertilizer instead of having to dispose of it at a charge.

Sustainability and a wide range of products - these are the mainstays of Taunus Pellets.

With the pelleting plant from Ecokraft, the company feels well equipped for the future.

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