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Reference Customer HMZ Bio-Tech | From a Single Line to a 4-Fold Pelleting Line for Wood Pellets

In 2021, the Austrian company HMZ Bio-Tech embarked on its journey into the world of wood pellet production with a single pellet production line for processing wood chips. From the beginning, the goal was clear: to produce high-quality and certified DIN ENplus A1 wood pellets using an Ecokraft pelletizing system to meet the increasing demand for renewable energy.

Fig. 1: Single pellet production line in 2021

Soon after starting, it became evident that the demand for HMZ Bio-Tech's premium wood pellets was substantial. Customers from various sectors were seeking a reliable and sustainable energy source, and HMZ Bio-Tech's products met these requirements impressively. The quality and reliability of the pellets were well-known and appreciated in the industry.

The rising demand and customer trust were the driving forces that led the company to expand and invest in the future. Last year, Hermann Zottler, founder and CEO of HMZ Bio-Tech, made a significant strategic decision: he decided to upgrade to a 4-fold production line, also from Ecokraft.

Fig. 2: 4-fold pellet production line in 2023

With the implementation of the state-of-the-art Ecokraft system in July 2023, a new chapter was written in HMZ Bio-Tech's success story. Production capacity increased to up to 1.2 tons per hour, representing a fourfold increase compared to the original line. This bold step enabled the company to keep pace with the growing demand and significantly expand its production capabilities.

The Ecokraft system proved to be a groundbreaking investment, not only increasing production capacities but also enhancing the efficiency and quality of the wood pellets. Ecokraft's technology guarantees reliable and precise processing of the wood chips into high-quality DIN ENplus A1 wood pellets. Moreover, the advanced technology allowed for eco-friendly production that adhered to the strict standards and sustainability requirements.

Today, HMZ Bio-Tech stands as a prime example of sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation. The story impressively demonstrates how a future-oriented vision, the willingness to invest in modern technology, and a commitment to quality and sustainability can lead to an unparalleled success story.

We at Ecokraft are proud to be part of this journey and are delighted to have contributed to HMZ Bio-Tech's advancement as a pioneer in the wood pellet industry. We wish them continued success in providing high-quality wood pellets and their dedication to a greener future.

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