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Reference customer Meubelmakerij De Zwaan | Hardwood scraps to energy pellets

The Dutch family-owned company De Zwaan has been renowned for its high-quality oak tabletops for many decades. The company places great emphasis on state-of-the-art technology and precise craftsmanship.

However, during the production process, there is a generation of waste materials such as wood chips that have previously incurred significant disposal costs. In order to reduce waste disposal expenses and find an environmentally sustainable solution, the company began exploring alternatives.

The solution was found in an ECOKRAFT pelletizing plant, which allows the wood chips to be compressed into high-quality energy pellets. These pellets now serve as fuel, enabling De Zwaan to significantly reduce waste disposal costs while simultaneously supplying their own factory with self-generated fuel.

The family takes pride in the fact that the company can now be handed over to the third generation as an environmentally conscious enterprise. De Zwaan not only prioritizes sustainability but also strives for energy independence. By producing their own energy pellets from the residual materials, the company contributes to environmental conservation and can continue its sustainable development.

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