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Reference customer PRESSGOLD | Chicken manure to premium organic fertilizer pellets

The company PRESSGOLD is a pioneer in Austria in terms of converting chicken manure into a high-quality premium organic fertilizer.

The family business has made it their mission to produce a sustainable, regional and organic product from their high-quality chicken manure, completely avoiding chemical fertilizers.

After long deliberations on how to better utilize the chicken manure, the young entrepreneur and managing director Florian Stöger came up with the idea of easily converting it into organic fertilizer pellets himself with the help of a pelletizing system from ECOKRAFT.

The advantages of pelletizing chicken manure speak for themselves: because pelletization makes the chicken manure transportable, odorless and germ-free, and can thus be made available to all target groups, whether hobby gardeners or farmers. The chicken manure pellets are easy to use and suitable for all plants.

PRESSGOLD's vision is to make home gardening and farming a little more sustainable, to encourage more people to use organic fertilizers and to make good use of the resources you have.



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