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Press release "Brauwelt" - Producing hop pellets on site

"Ecokraft AG, based in Deggendorf, Lower Bavaria, offers pelleting systems for processing high-quality raw materials directly on the growers' farms. At 't Hoppecruyt in Proven, Belgium, for example, a new Ecokraft system has been installed to process hop cones into top-quality pellets."

"Anyone who wants to unlock the secret of the Belgian art of brewing should visit Proven in West Flanders, home to traditional hop cultivation. Since 1893, the long-established Desmyter family has been running the hop farm 't Hoppecruyt. Currently, these are the farmers Benedikte and Wout Desmyter together with their children Roel and Marou. They all manage the farm now in the 4th generation value-oriented and full of pride as well as with a lot of love and passion. "Among other things, we grow the world-renowned Belgian aroma hop Grone Bel..."

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Hopfen-selber-pelletieren-Ecokraft-Erfahrungsbericht Hopfenbauer Belgien
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