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International Wood Fair Klagenfurt/AT 2024 - we will be there!

Visit us in hall 05 at booth B 07A

Discover the Future of Wood Processing: Visit us at the International Wood Fair in Klagenfurt, Austria!

We at Ecokraft are proud to be exhibitors at the renowned International Wood Fair in Klagenfurt from August 28th to 31st, 2024. This leading trade fair in the heart of Europe is the most important marketplace for the wood industry in Central and Southeastern Europe, offering a unique opportunity to showcase our innovative pelletizing systems.

Overview of the Fair

With over 500 professional exhibitors from 20 nations, the "International Wood Fair/HOLZ&BAU" is a must-attend event for all industry stakeholders. Spanning an impressive exhibition area of 50,000 square meters, all market leaders and the latest trends along the entire value chain – "from forest to solid wood" – are represented. The philosophy of this fair is to provide a comprehensive overview of the various segments of the wood industry and to promote networking within the sectors, enabling successful collaborations.

Our Contribution to Sustainable Wood Processing

The International Wood Fair Klagenfurt covers a wide range of areas, including forestry, sawmilling, wood construction, joinery, and hunting. In addition to a diverse range of exhibitors, interesting forums and workshops will round off the program, providing an in-depth understanding of current developments in the industry.

Ecokraft: Efficient Pelletizing Systems for a Sustainable Future

At Ecokraft, we are committed to making wood processing more efficient and sustainable. Our pelletizing systems are a prime example of how advanced technology can be used to convert wood waste into valuable energy pellets. These pellets are an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels and help reduce CO2 emissions.

Our technologies are designed to optimize the entire wood processing process:

  • High-Efficiency Pelletizing: Our systems offer outstanding efficiency in processing wood waste into high-quality pellets, ensuring maximum utilization of raw materials with minimal energy consumption.

  • Innovative Control Systems: With state-of-the-art control technologies, our pelletizing systems are easy to operate and monitor, ensuring high operational safety and consistent product quality.

  • Focus on Sustainability: We place great emphasis on sustainability and resource conservation. By converting wood chips, shavings, sawdust, and other wood residues into high-quality energy pellets, this valuable raw material can be reused, and environmental impact minimized.

Visit us at the International Wood Fair

Take the opportunity to learn about our innovative solutions up close and discover the benefits of our pelletizing systems. Visit our booth (hall 05 / booth B 07A) at the International Wood Fair in Klagenfurt and get advice from our experts. Find out how our technologies can help you make wood processing more efficient and sustainable.

We look forward to welcoming you in Klagenfurt and shaping the future of wood processing together!

For more information about the International Wood Fair Klagenfurt 2024, visit: International Wood Fair 2024.


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