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On to new horizons: The Ecokraft AG shapes its future in Niederwinkling with a sustainable new building

The Ecokraft AG is relocating to the new industrial and commercial area, Schaidweg Nord, in Niederwinkling

Neubau ecokraft AG

The Ecokraft AG is making a clear statement for growth and sustainability: The construction of the company's new headquarters in Niederwinkling, Lower Bavaria, has already commenced and is expected to be ready for occupancy by August 2024. With this step, the company positions itself not only as a trailblazer in the industry but also actively contributes to the development of the new industrial and commercial area, Schaidweg Nord.

The choice of Niederwinkling as the location was deliberate. The Ecokraft AG places great emphasis on regionalism and sustainability, and Lower Bavaria provides ideal conditions for these values. The new industrial and commercial area, Schaidweg Nord, in Niederwinkling, offers the perfect environment to advance ecokraft's corporate vision.

Construction work began practically simultaneously with the completion of the infrastructure for the new commercial area. This emphasizes Ecokraft AG's commitment to the local economy and the creation of new jobs in the region. The new building will not only provide a modern and efficient working environment but will also uphold the environmental standards that are of paramount importance to Ecokraft AG.

Neubau ecokraft AG

Sustainable construction in focus: A contribution to the environment

The entire new building is designed and constructed according to strict requirements for sustainable building. The Ecokraft AG relies on innovative technologies and sustainable materials to ensure that the ecological footprint is minimized. From the selection of building materials to the implementation of state-of-the-art energy efficiency systems, the new construction will adhere to the highest ecological standards.

The use of sustainable materials plays a key role in this construction project. The Ecokraft AG opts for environmentally friendly building materials that are not only resource-efficient but also offer a long lifespan and high energy efficiency. This not only preserves the environment but also minimizes the operational costs of the building in the long term.

Innovative technologies for a green future

The new headquarters will not only impress architecturally but also integrate a variety of innovative technologies and sustainable solutions. Solar energy, renewable heating and cooling systems, and intelligent building automation will contribute to optimizing energy consumption and improving the ecological balance of the building.

The local community will also benefit from Ecokraft AG's decision. Through the creation of new jobs and the promotion of the regional economy, the company will have a positive impact on the quality of life in Niederwinkling.

The planned occupancy in August 2024 marks a milestone in the corporate history of Ecokraft AG. It is not just a new chapter but also a commitment to a sustainable future. With this, ecokraft AG demonstrates that economic success and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand.

Through the sustainable new construction in Niederwinkling, Ecokraft AG once again proves that it is not only capable of meeting current challenges but is also actively involved in shaping a sustainable future."

More information can be found in the community magazine 'Blickwinkl' of Niederwinkling:

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