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Hop pellets Made by Ecokraft

The production of high quality hop pellets is a simple process thanks to Ecokraft's machines and very interesting for every hop grower!

"In the production of hop pellets, the hop cones are milled and then gently pressed so as not to alter the original quality of the natural product. In cone form, the hops, in the packaging supplied by the grower, have a density between 130 kg/m3 and 150 kg/m3. The greater density of pellets, which is in the range of 500 kg/m3, reduces the transport volume and allows long storage stability due to the quality-preserving packaging in a protective atmosphere.

Only hops in their powder form allow the combination of different smaller hop lots into a uniform homogeneous batch. This powder contains all hop components -polyphenols, resins and oils- in their natural relation and quality. The pellets commercially known as pellets type 90 got their name from the relation of about 90 kg of pellets obtained from 100 kg of hops.

Hop pellets are used in the brewery mainly for dosage in the brewhouse, either in the brew pan or in the whirlpool, but also for "hop plugging" in the lagering cellar."


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