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Fighting the climate crisis with pellets

Climate crisis, impending import bans on oil and gas, or the urgent need to modernize their own homes: more and more homeowners in Germany are looking for an alternative to existing heating systems and are planning to replace their old gas and oil heating systems. Pellet heating is the all-rounder among the alternative heating systems and is very popular. The best thing about it: there is a subsidy for your new heating system.

One of the reasons: the installation of a new pellet heating system is subsidized by the state. If you say goodbye to heating oil and invest in a modern pellet system, you can get up to 55 percent of your investment back from the state.

The financial support relates not only to the pellet boiler, but also to all measures necessary in the context of the exchange. So there is also money for the removal of the old oil heating system, the disposal of the oil tanks and any construction measures for the pellet store.

The government support makes sense, because wood pellets have the potential to make Germany more independent in the energy sector. Anyone who decides in favor of a pellet stove or a pellet heating system uses the regionally available, renewable raw material wood and is no longer dependent on imports of oil and gas. In addition, pellets are significantly more climate-friendly than fossil fuels and are also therefore an important component of the energy and heat transition.


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