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Briquetting of wood, paper & biomass

with a diameter of 30 - 70 mm

Briquetting press BP



ECOKRAFT BP30-70 briquetting presses are specially designed for briquetting various materials such as wood shavings, milling chips, sawdust, wood dust, wood chips (shredded), paper and polystyrene. The briquettes produced are compact and offer advantages such as the reduction of storage and transport costs and the possibility of energy recovery.

The briquetting presses can be customized to meet specific requirements depending on throughput and material. They offer an ideal solution as the briquettes are easy to store and transport and also have a lower risk of spontaneous combustion. The briquetting presses require little space, are robustly built and equipped with low-maintenance technology.

These briquetting presses are particularly suitable for small and medium-sized companies, as they offer a throughput capacity of up to 130 kg/h. In addition, they offer a wide range of installation options, as they are available in both left-hand and right-hand versions.



  • Compact size 

  • High increase in value through the transformation of raw materials 

  • Simple operation 

  • Made in Germany 

  • Suitable for mixed materials 

  • PLC control for fully automatic operation 

  • Optional for multi-shift operation 


*Equipment dependent

** Throughput depends on material and residual moisture; the residual moisture should not be more than 18%

Note: Product image similar; changes possible at any time. Acceptance by ECOKRAFT AG applies

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