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Fast & easy packaging of the pellets,

ideally combinable with the Big Bag System

Bagging system AS



Ecokraft's AS900-V2 semi-automatic bagging machine is the ideal solution for fast, easy and precise filling of manufactured pellets into various packaging units such as bags, sacks or boxes. With the help of the calibratable precision scale, you can accurately dose the desired filling quantity. The filling can be started easily by the included foot switch.

Thanks to the integrated frequency converter, you can adjust the filling speed to the filling quantity to avoid uncontrolled overfilling, even with small filling quantities. The filling quantity can be adjusted in steps of 20g, with a minimum weight of 400g and a maximum weight of 60 kg.

Ecokraft's AS900-V2 bagging system allows you to fill your pellets into the desired packaging units quickly, efficiently and flexibly, thus increasing your company's profitability. This is particularly advantageous as smaller packaging units can usually achieve a higher sales price.

The combination of the AS900-V2 bagging line with the VARIO Big Bag System offers you a comprehensive solution for filling your pellets in various packaging units.


  • Suitable for loose pellets

  • Calibratable weighing system

  • Simple operation

  • Speed control of the filling

  • Compact design

  • Height adjustable


Note: Product image similar; changes possible at any time. Acceptance by ECOKRAFT AG applies

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