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Collection & storage of pellets, stackable up to 4x, easy emptying

Big Bag System VA



The ECOKRAFT Big Big storage system is a specially developed solution for the safe transport and efficient storage of bulk materials in so-called "Big Bags". It also enables controlled emptying of the bulk materials from the big bags.

The storage system consists of a robust, shell-shaped plastic base frame that provides stable support for the big bags. It features a side-operated discharge gate that allows for easy and metered discharge of the bulk materials. By using the discharge pusher, the flow of the material can be controlled and uniform discharge can be ensured.

The system includes four steel tubes with special plastic heads, which are used to fix and stack the Big Bag systems. This design ensures safe and stable stacking of the big bags, both internally and externally.

Overall, the ECOKRAFT Big Bag Storage System provides a unique solution for the safe transport, efficient storage and controlled discharge of bulk materials from Big Bags. It is designed to optimize material flow and facilitate the handling of bulk materials.

Size:  120 x 120 cm 

Suitable for big bags of sizes 1, 1.5 and 2 cubic meters.


  • Emptying through a sliding opening in the floor

  • Made from 100% recycled material

  • Effective storage

  • Safe stacking

  • Space-saving in the warehouse

  • Basin-shaped base frame for optimal emptying

  • Slider with dosing and locking option


Note: Product image similar; changes possible at any time. Acceptance by ECOKRAFT AG applies

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