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Screening out unwanted pellet breakage

and chips by means of a vibration sieve

Vibration sieve RS



The ECOKRAFT vibration sieve RS is an innovative solution developed especially for pellet production. The robust and simple design characterize this module. It takes over the pellets after production and enables easy and gentle screening out of the unwanted fines with subsequent material return to the production process.

The screen can be integrated with the cooling conveyor to optimize the entire pellet production process. In addition, the vibrating screen can be used for a single or duo line.

The ECOKRAFT vibration sieve RS revolutionizes pellet screening and ensures pellets of the highest quality. Thanks to its innovative vibrating technology, the pellets are gently screened out and cooled down naturally at the same time. During the screening process, unwanted pellet breakage and chips are reliably sorted out. This effective process leads to a significant increase in the quality of the pellets and makes a major contribution to the safety and low-wear operation of pellet heating systems. In addition, t he outstanding quality of the screened pellets enables optimal remarketing and thus creates the best conditions for successful sales.


  • Compact design

  • High quality standard

  • Increased value of the pellets

  • Space saving


Note: Product image similar; changes possible at any time. Acceptance by ECOKRAFT AG applies

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