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Reference customer PerNaturam | Herbs and herbal mixtures to animal feed pellets

The successful company PerNaturam from Gödenroth is a manufacturer of natural feed supplements for dogs, cats and horses.

The main competence of PerNaturam is mostly herbs, which have an incredible volume. Therefore, the company has been using pellets for some time to compress the volume but also to bind dust. Especially in the supplementary feed sector, certain substances have to be balanced and here pelleting has proven to be very effective.

A pelleting plant from Ecokraft is used for this purpose. The reasons for this were obvious to PerNaturam: the plant is flexible, modular and has short changeover times, with a higher throughput. In addition, the pelleting plant is operated in-house by only one trained person, another advantage that is highly appreciated.

The company relies on high-quality ingredients, herbs and other blends, which are then processed into high-quality pellets in the plant on an almost daily basis.

Pellet production now accounts for 20% of total production. This also offers many advantages for the customer, because the pellets, unlike loose herbs, are easier to feed, handle and store.

The finished feed pellets are also packaged using a system from Ecokraft.

PerNaturam is also already toying with the idea of a second plant to obtain double the output.

This is the right step to take in order to continue offering customers healthy and species-appropriate animal feed in a practical and easy-to-handle form.

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