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Reference customer Nature Power Pellets I Sheep wool to fertilizer pellets

Sustainability has always played an important role for Markus Hoffmann from Wolferstadt. It all started back in 2010 with his own solar park. After a short time, however, the question arose as to whether the solar park should be mowed or grazed. And so Markus Hofmann decided without further ado to graze it naturally with a special breed, the Shropshire sheep. However, this solution soon led to a new problem: where to put all the sheep's wool? For a long time he had to dispose of it for a fee, as he could not find any buyers. But he was no longer satisfied with this, as the wool was a valuable natural product for him.

After some research on the Internet, he found out that sheep's wool can also be pelletized. And so he went in search of a suitable pelletizing plant. In the process, he came across the company ECOKRAFT in Lower Bavaria and was quickly convinced of the plant due to the wide range of materials that can be pelletized and a few discussions. In 2019, he invested in the first plant and has since been pelletizing the wool of his own sheep and those of professional colleagues. This has enabled him to produce a sustainable, chemical-free and high-quality fertilizer from the wool that he would otherwise have had to dispose of for 200 euros per ton, which he now also sells to small-scale and hobby gardeners as a regionally sustainable product.

Sheep wool pellets have a variety of positive fertilizing properties and are therefore suitable for all plants. They are easy to dose, are 100% organic without chemical additives, store water over a long period of time and slowly release the nutrients to the plants. This also prevents the plant from being burned.

In the meantime, Markus is already using a second ECOKRAFT pelleting plant and has long since been pelleting more than just his own sheep's wool. As part of a contract pelleting service, he offers the complete range of what customers want: from hay, straw, various mixtures, insect droppings or soybean pods. In a packaging plant, also from ECOKRAFT, the company's own pellets and those of its customers are packed in various containers and big bags. Business is good and he is very happy with his decision to enter the pellet business. In the future, the Hofmanns plan to put another plant into operation.

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