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Reference customer Heiss Energie | Wood chips to energy pellets

The family-run company Heiss Energie from Schnaitsee has made it its business to produce high-quality energy pellets from woodchip waste residues.

Heiss Energie's core business began 20 years ago with a biogas plant and biogas power generation. Soon the waste heat of the plant was used to dry the wood chips.

Nowadays, Heiss Energie has specialized in blowing in wood chips at the customer's site. In the process, a share of residual dust and small particles of the wood chips always accumulates. However, since the company did not want to simply dispose of this valuable waste residue, it was looking for a solution on how to generate a useful product from it again. Thus the idea of pelletizing and converting them into heating pellets was born.

Today, 10% of the company's turnover can be attributed to pellet production - and the trend is rising. For Tobias Heiss, not only energy costs play a major role, but also sustainability. Because many customers would like to be more independent of oil and gas imports from abroad in the future and buy more regionally.

By expanding the product range to include the production of energy pellets, Tobias Heiss was able to position himself more broadly, which was a benefit for him. Because the concentration on renewable raw materials such as wood pellets, can be combined very well with the fuel trade.

Since the ECOKRAFT plants are designed for small and medium-sized companies, even a small medium-sized company like Heiss Energie has the opportunity to buy such a plant and does not have to invest millions in a large industrial plant.

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