ECOKRAFT Pellet Factory Mobile EPF-M

Pelletizing plant

The ECOKRAFT Pellet Factory Mobile EPF-M is an extremely compact, safe and mobile pellet factory in flexible container design with little space requirement and high performance. The modular plant is suitable for automated processing of biomasses of all kinds into premium pellets with a production volume of 1t to 4t per hour, depending on material and plant configuration. It is equipped with grinding with filter, conditioning with water or steam addition, starch dosing, pelleting press, cooling and screening. Large gates allow unrestricted access for operation and maintenance.

In the first step, the starting material is finely ground with immediate moisture measurement to optimize moisture (water or steam) and, if necessary, binder addition. The material then has time to absorb the additional moisture in the resting container. Subsequent pelletizing in the high-performance material press ensures optimum pellet quality and quantity. State-of-the-art fire and explosion protection measures guarantee safe production processes. The cooled pellets are discharged via conveyor systems. Further storage or immediate bagging is possible without any problems. The electrical equipment is housed in a separate container which can be positioned at the side or above the plant. The EPF-M can be combined with a wide variety of upstream and downstream equipment, such as wet grinding, drying, bagging or truck loading.



  • High productivity in smallest space
  • No consideration of structural conditions necessary
  • Simplified approval procedure
  • Production relocation possible very quickly (change of location possible in 4 weeks)
  • Cold and warm test before delivery possible
  • More favorable insurance conditions, fire load for buildings and/or plants is reduced
  • Existing halls can be used purely for storage and packaging


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  EPF-M 1.0 EPF-M 2.0 EPF-M 3.0
Power press 2 x 45 kW 2 x 110 kW 2 x 160 kW
Connected load 400 V, 3 phases with 360 A fuse protection 400 V, 3 phases with 1,000 A fuse protection 400 V, 3 phases with 1,800 A fuse protection
Engine power 180 kW/h 310 kW/h 410 kW/h
Weight ca. 26t ca. 28t ca. 29t
Output per hour (soft wood) ca. 1 - 2t ca. 2 - 3t ca. 4 - 5t
Output per hour (straw & hay) ca. 0.5 - 0.6t ca. 1.0 - 2.0t ca. 3.0 - 4.0t
Length 12,000 mm 12,000 mm 12,000 mm
Width 9,000 mm 9,000 mm 9,000 mm
Height 3,800 mm plus silo and filter system 3,800 mm plus silo and filter system 3,800 mm plus silo and filter system

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