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The product line ECOKRAFT PL2 convinces through an extremely robust construction technique and very simple handling. The matched facility produces 1 t of wood pellets per hour or 2 t of animal feed.

The raw material can be supplied at a residual humidity of 12%.

Material feeding container
The 15 m3 is made of steel sheet and comes with an automatic holding up to 25 m3/h. The filling is very comfortable via a wheel-mounted front loader.

Metal and stone deposition
At the exit of the material feeding container, the raw material will be checked for metal scraps or stones. Such foreign matter can be separated to a great extent.

Control panel – Steering mechanism – Grinding and Transportation
The control panel controls the processes from the input until the pelleting press. The control can be done either manually or automatically.

The hammer mill
The hammer mill grinds the raw material to a 1-3 mm size and achieves a homogenous structure.

With a rotation of 3000 revolutions per minute, the special hammers are grinding the material. This ground material falls after that into a strainer and is being transported to the cyclones through a materials lock.

Material loading over cyclones
3 cyclones with special material locks transport the ground material that comes out of the hammer mill with the help of a screw-conveyor on to the pelletizing press.

Air cleaner element
The special air cleaner system is ingesting free dust particles to a great extent and is transporting this material back to production.

The mixer unit
The mixer makes the material loose before the pressing process. Additionally the aspirated pellet fragments and/or dust particles are added back to the material.

The pellet mill
A pellet mill of 99 KW is the heart of the machine, which produces pellets of different raw materials.

A conveyor belt transports the ground material from the mixer unit to the squeezing machine. The raw material is pressed with the aid of intermeshing wheels through a shaping ring die. Water is added by a water pump to the dry material. By means of a full- automated lubrication pump the wheels are also lubricated during the operation.

The Cooling System and the Sifting Unit
After pelletizing, the pellets reach a temperature of about 90 -100 degrees Celsius. By way of a special cooling system the pellets are cooled down to a temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius and thus begin to grow hard. Subsequently the cooled down pellets are being liberated from other fine particles. The so-called pellet breakage is being automatically transported back to the mixing unit and is pelletized once again. Therefore the raw material is being used up to 100%.

Conveyor Belt and Big Bag Sacks
By way of a 6m long conveyor belt the pellets are being transported to the pellet bin and can be then filled into the Big Bag sacks.

The product line ECOKRAFT PL2 has been manufactured since 1986. Due to the unbeatable price-performance-ratio this model range belongs with more than 70 installations to the top sellers in the pelletizing branch.


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