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Reference customer Landi Moossee | Spelt husk to animal bedding pellets

Landi is a nationwide agricultural cooperative in Switzerland that has existed for over 135 years.

The processing of spelt is a large branch of this cooperative. As the amount of spelt husk produced during husking grew from year to year, a solution was sought to convert this husk back into a valuable product.

They quickly came up with the idea of processing the husk into pellets after husking and then returning them to the agricultural ecocycle as animal bedding.

The biggest advantage of pelleting is that you have 5 times less volume and the bedding pellets are dust-free, which is especially important in chicken or cattle houses and in horse stalls, due to allergies.

Ecokraft's pelleting system met all the criteria for Landi Moossee. One of the biggest challenges was the very tight space conditions. Because Ecokraft's pelleting plant can be set up very flexibly, it was possible to install a tailor-made plant for Landi Moossee. This resulted in an effective plant in a very small space, which was perfectly integrated into the overall system. The plant is facilitated by an electronic control system and the clear display on the pellet mill, which allows all data to be read.

Another argument in favor of the cooperative was that everything comes from a single source, so they only had one contact person for questions.

At Landi, the topic of sustainability is very important and with these high-quality bedding pellets, the cycle of an organic substance is optimally closed again.

For Landi Moossee it was a very good decision to invest in the pelleting system from Ecokraft and the satisfaction of both customers and producers is high.

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