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Wood chips, saw dust, wood shavings etc. are generated in virtually all wood-processing industries. This creates huge costs for storage, handling or disposal every day. This specialized pellet press represents an ideal solution, because pellets are more efficient to handle, store and transport. Pellets are also less combustible. This machine doesn’t require a lot of space, is very robust and features low-maintenance technology throughout. Whether paper, wood, biomass, foam or Styrofoam – the ECOKRAFT MP series is suited for them all. With performances of up to 50kg per hour this solution is especially suited for medium sized companies.

The ECOKRAFT MaxiPell300 produces 30mm pellets. These special size of pellets are ideally suited for the use in wood gas generators or in smaller wood chip heating units. Various materials on wood-basis (shavings, dust, etc.) can be processed with this machine.

  • Create value-added from waste products
  • high energy density and hence high caloric fuel
  • compact design
  • easy to use
  • very low operating costs



Download Specs ECOKRAFT MP

Weight 800 kg
Connected power 4/5,5 kW
Voltage 380 - 420 V
Pellet diameter 2 x 30 mm
Hopper Size 1040 - 1040 mm
Width 1288 mm
Lenght 1650 mm
Height 1420 mm
Daily Production approx. 400 kg
Performance per hour up to 50 kg/h
Annual Production approx. 96 t

* Produktabbildung ähnlich; Änderungen jederzeit möglich, Annahme: 8 Std. pro Tag; 240 Tage pro Jahr; Die Durchsatzleistung ist insbesondere abhängig vom zu verarbeiteten Material und dessen Zustand (Struktur, Feuchtegehalt, Härte, Verunreinigung etc.) Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr; Es gilt die Annahme durch die ECOKRAFT AG

Our workshop generates quite a large amount of sawdust every day. We are now able to up-cycle such waste into valuable heating pellets. We think this is a great solution that has amortized itself in a short time. Since we started to use the RP18 a year ago we‘re heating our company‘s facilities almost for free.“

Martin Gross, Joinery Owner

„We use dried pomace from fruits and vegetables (e.g. apples, raspberries, carrots, beet root and cabbage) to produce animal feed pellets of the highest quality. We create own mixtures to adapt 100% to each animal. This allows us to make best use of the seasonally available source materials

Andreas AltmaierFarmer from Upper Bavaria

We consider ourselves a pioneer in creating pellets for horse bedding from rape straw. Using pellets, it takes 70% less time to clean and prepare a fresh box, since only soiled parts have to be removed. There is also considerably less manure volume which saves 2/3 on disposal costs.“

Julia DresingPelletmanufaktur“ Germany

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